The Safety Training Solution provides comprehensive safety and emergency management expertise with a menu of services dedicated to meet your business needs. We offer onsite consulting and training on a national and global scale, servicing clients throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Canada and the Middle Eastern Gulf Nations.

Efficient, professional and cost-effective services performed by our highly qualified and experienced team, will enhance your organization’s compliance needs, from small businesses to large corporations.

We work with each client to develop a sustainable program that fits the specific needs of the company, focusing on dynamics of employee engagement, leadership commitment and a solid management system.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Workplace safety (OSHA & HSE)
  • Industrial hygiene
  • NFPA compliance
  • Emergency management
  • JCI assistance
  • Risk management
  • Site-specific compliance programs
  • Human resource
  • Workplace violence prevention
  • Safety management software

The Safety Training Solution approach is three-fold:

  1. Ensuring regulatory compliance
  2. Assessment of predictive indicators that impact your industry and company
  3. Creating a safety and health culture to establish a sustainable program

Our consultants have trained more than six thousand workers in government required training programs, developed hundreds of  site-specific programs and assisted in OSHA inspections and JCI compliance. Post-accident investigations, disaster preparedness, and hazard abatement are other arenas of practical expertise.

We work onsite and through distance-led programs to offer solutions to meet your needs, Consultants with the Safety Training Solution also facilitate written programs, content article development and training materials for industry publications, including Fortune 500 companies and prestigious hospital campuses.

Note: The use of this information does not constitute legal or medical advice or ensure compliance. 


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